Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Single and Ready to Mingle on HVD!

Its Valentine's Day again. A time to show affection in extra expressive way. A time to celebrate LOVE. But Valentine's Day really has been a regular day to me and to be honest it never affected me in any bitter way. Don't get me wrong, I know February 14 is Valentine's Day, I know its story and though its just a regular day to me, I am one with the numerous hearts in the world who are feeling happy on the day. I was never bitter but I must admit Valentine's day kind of bring a not so happy memory to me. I wouldn't tell the story since this is not about that sad memory but just so you have an idea other than confirming that I do have a not so nice memory on heart's day, I'd give a few details - Twas year 2009, a supposed Happiest Valentine's Day ever of my life from an invitation to go out by the someone I wanted to be with forever. haha Corny na,

Anyway, this year was a bit different. I had plans with my friends/ colleagues, Fel, Giselle and Thets to go out since all of us are fortunately single souls on HVD. I was on leave while the three of them planned to under-time from office but unfortunately Giselle was not able to finish her scheduled task. To make the story short, Thets and Fel went ahead to meet me at Shangri-La for our meeting with events team, leaving Giselle still in the office. She got upset as soon as she learned Thets and Fel left her and decided to put up a drama (what a drama queen she is. lol) and went home instead. 

We decided to go on with our planned HVD. Our meeting at Makati Shangri-La was successful and very productive. We actually spent almost whole afternoon there and took advantage of the nice Valentine's Day arrangement they have. 

We headed to Tenderbobs for our dinner. They have amazing food there but the serving size was actually overwhelming. 

I ordered for a steak which tasted really awesome! but unfortunately I couldn't finish there big serving. lol

Thets had her favorite dish which was a steak too,

and Fel had yellow chicken something hahaha...

and we also ordered this amazingly good tasting chicken stick

hahaha sorry we almost finished it before I realized we haven't taken a picture of it. 
That''s how good it tasted. lol

As expected, since "Love is in the air", love birds were literally everywhere. There were too many people waiting in line to dine in so as soon as we finished our dishes we paid and took off already.
We decided to have dessert at Ti-Amo and indulge ourselves with Gelato. 

The ambiance there is okay but i cant say really cozy since its too crowded and the place really looks tight lol. 

Fel and I had the exact same choices except the arrangement of it.lol 
Cool thing, they had a HVD promo: for every P300 you get free box of chocolate.
By the way we met Vergil at Ti-Amo to join, celebrate with us straight from his internship.
We got two boxes of chocolates, one for Thets and the other for the Drama Queen - Giselle.lol

This was what Verge had.. 

It was another exciting and fun Valentine's with friends. 

Happy Valentin's Day Everyone! 


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai

I brought with me a Tsinoy friend, Molly! haha

Overflowing of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf freebies

The Coffee Bean Pod Machine!
Deli! =)

Kids got to enjoy the event too! Cool family Bonding! hahaha

There were some cool Fortune Tellers & Feng Shui Experts in the house too! haha

The Fortune Tree... nice.. =) 

"Kiong Hee Huat Tsai"

A fun day at the Ayala Museum for the Exclusive Ayala Land Premier Chinese New Year Celebration. 
The event featured a lot of cool activities that surely gave the whole family an awesome time to remember.
Activities included, Calligraphy, Feng Shui, Lion Dance, Drum Performance and an awesomeness , Wushu! The food was by 'Gloria Maris' and I love it! I was literally chewing the whole time; couldn't stop asking for more till I saw 'The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf'' serving variety of their famous products for free! hahaha They had this awesome 'Coffee Bean Pod Machine'. Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Red Nimbus

Cactus Pups

Dead Kenny Kid Robot x South Park

Who's Who...

Staff with Jimmy Muna - radio personality. And Chelo Aestrid - All Star founder who just released her new album "Love, Life, & D'Light" 
with Red Nimbus'main man - Gerry Sansolis!


Krista Kleiner
Miss Philippines International 2010 Actress/Singer/Model/Host/Dancer/Martial Artist

Sandy Sansolis, Owner of Comic Odyssey and the driving force behind the comic book industry in the Philippines, wearing a tokidoki x Marvel Captain America tee. 
Kris Lawrence, the Heart of R&B, adding to his hat collection with a tokidoki x Marvel new Era fitted cap of Wolverine.

 Nacino brothers, Rocco & Kyle, rockin' their tokidoki x Marvel tees. 


Located in Robinsons Galleria, 
3rd Floor, Jumpstreet Wing.

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