Saturday, December 31, 2011

Primadonna x Anne Curtis Launch

The Fashion Show
styled by some of the very awesome bloggers!

and after taking the runway the models took their Primadonna Barbie-like-package boxes for some photo opportunity. I must say that I really like that gimmick. 

and of course, 

the part which everyone has been eagerly waiting for, the revelation of Primadonna's newest brand endorser and its no less than...

The People's Asia's National Sweatheart...

Philippine Princess of all Media...

 Half Filipino and Half Australian...



Product Endorser....

 CERTIFIED Recording Artist... 


the #1 Filipina Celebrity with the most number of Twitter followers, reaching to 2 Million plus...

Anne Curtis!

as soon as she was revealed as the newest brand endorser of Primadonna, Anne was interviewed by the very fabulous and lovely host, Ms. Divine Lee in her Versace x H&M MBD. And later on, they both co-hosted the event which made it even more exciting and just full of fun and fabulous-ity!

Ms. D and Anne took a quick roam around the whole venue where Primadonna shoe-tracks are located and some of the fabulous gimmicks like the p.c. area where everyone can go LIKE the Primadonna Facebook Page. The area where the big shoes where located for the photo gimmick and of course the big doll-package-like boxes.

Primadonna had picked some of the wonderful attendees who won some awesome prizes for being the best representation of their new shoe-collection.

some of Primadonna's awesome collection pieces...

this one would have to be my favorite among the many I've fallen in love with.


Erwann Huessaff
actually Charina Sarte was that girl in lime green suede Louboutin pumps beside.

 LJ Reyes & Paulo Avelino
Miss Divine Lee
Ms. D, at some point of the program while she was roaming around hosting, interviewed me and she announced that she like my Kenzo coat. Thanks Ms. D, it meant so much to me. =)

Anne Curtis!

Bloggers Alert!

 Lissa Kahayon

Vern Enciso

Kaye Awatin
(photo taken from TheStyleFlux)
Vergil Chua
(photo taken from rightontheverge)

with some of my new found, co-blogger friends! Saya!
(thanks to rightontheverge for this photo.)

Launch of New Shoe-Collection 
& Newest Brand Endorser
Makati Shangri-La

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Bloggers United '11

Verge, Raine and Moi with Lissa Kahayon 

Raine and Kaye

My first ever online shopping was made possible by Multiply. 
I'm happy I finally tried it.

Bloggers whom I got some items from....


Once again all the fabulous fashion bloggers have joined forces to bring all of us another amazing event. I must say that it was really one of the coolest things! It was actually my first time to attend and I already had so much fun. To all the bloggers CONGRATULATIONS! Seeya all next time.