Sunday, October 30, 2011


ANNE CURTIS-SMITH is definitely one of the brightest shining local stars in our country today.
And yes! I mean shining star to the highest level. Need I give proofs to this very vivid truth? I didn't think so, too. And mind you, she is literally everywhere you go. If only EDSA is up for a new name, it would most definitely be named after her for countless reasons and one would be not only does she dominate it with her stationary billboards but also moving ones (back of public vehicles especially buses), literally circulating the whole stretch of EDSA. I am sure that you would agree with me if I'd say Anne Curtis is definitely the best example of a successful person. But what makes her more interesting and admiring is that despite of all the success coming her way, she is never complacent. Anne Curtis is not going to stop achieving all her dreams until they all come true, one after the other. Another dream of her's that she's been crazily excited to do is to release an Album, not a photo album but a record album. And yes! she has released her album entitled "AnneBisyosa" and in a matter of weeks time it has already reached its Gold status. Crazy! I know. 

AnneBisyosa Album was launched on the kick off of its Mall Tour in Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center Makati. 

As soon I learned about it, I immediately blocked the day off to witness the event. I was confident it will be fun and so exciting. Ayala Malls in Makati are my comfort malls. I have seen a lot of performers took center stage but only Anne Curtis took Glorietta Activity Center on a higher level. The venue was so jump-packed; people are excitedly screaming for her. I was so overwhelmed that for a moment I thought I was Anne and people are screaming for me. Anne was wearing a very stunning 3-layered-fringe-royal-blue-dress...amazing!

I remember that she kept on expressing how nervous she was feeling that time. In fair, I would have not known it if she never said so. Her numbers were so awesome, as if she was performing like a real professional singer. 

She also took the opportunity to promote her then upcoming film, which by the way is now the highest grossing film of all time in the history of movies in the Philippines - No Other Woman. 

At one point she was down on her knees and couldn't help but got teary. She cried before the many screaming people who came to support her and she admitted it was because of overwhelming joy and nervousness. 

After her mini concert she took a quick retouch and proceeded to a fast interview with Mo Twister, then she was so game to sign all the albums purchased at the venue. I went to fall in the line, waited patiently for my turn and all I could remember was how nervous and excited I was. 

My turn came up. She smiled at me and had a little chat. I took some of her pictures and she was just so stunningly beautiful and sweet. Her energy was just so positive. 

Congratulations AnneBisyosa, Anne Curtis-Smith!  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dual Citizenship at 60!

Recently we celebrated my dear-ever-fabulous-granny's 60th Birthday
the venue? Circles at Makati Shangri-La.

This celebration was a surprise for her.
She knew that we would go out for a dinner
but she didn't know that it would be in Shangri-La.

We wanted the dinner to be a bit intimate unlike
the past celebrations, that's why other than us,
the immediate family members, we only invited
her two siblings and their husband/wife.

The Birthday Girl! 

Mom was wearing Polo Ralph Lauren Pink One-piece Tennis T-shirt-Dress
and her new Couch bag from HK.

Why Dual Citizenship at 60?
because other than her Filipino Citizenship, 
she has now become a legitimate Senior Citizen!
But in fair to her, she barely looks like she is her age now.
Well, I'd like to believe that we really are gifted with
awesome beautiful genes. haha

The Food 

At Circles there are so many types of dishes/foods that you can choose from
and expect that some of these awesomely tasting food came all the way from abroad like 
that lobster we ate. We were so intrigued about it that while we were eating it, we kept thinking 
whether or not it was a real lobster cause it has a different look. Then we found out that
it was not a simple-local one, it was from Switzerland! I just forgot what it was called.

 Pictures with the Birthday Girl!

The Lobby of Makati Shangri-La is one of the best!

after several hours in the restaurant..
we finally headed home.

What I was wearing: ( Blazer from Zara, Top from BKK, Jeans from Zara and Glittered Oxford from R.L.)