Thursday, May 17, 2012

French & Fashion Friday!

It was French Fashion Friday night at Society Lounge and tonight 
Ashley Cayuca was showcasing her Swimwear Collection for Summer 2012. 

Everything was looking so perfect from the DJ making sure that the music was playing awesome music vibe, to the crowd that was looking flashy and fabulously excited for the show and down to the french menu. 

Tonight I was having a good time with Vergil and my long-time girl pal, Dawn who was in the country for a vacation from Austria. 

Amazing Night!

Verge and my long-time-girl-pal from Austria, Dawn!

sumptuous and very nice refreshments that we had. =)

Society Lounge and its Fabulous Patrons...

The hosts

The spectators of this collection went so crazy as soon as the show started.

Everyone, here's the collection...

with Ashley Cayuca... Congrats!

Another fabulous night at Society Lounge, indeed!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Art + Science of Image

Association of Image Consultants International Philippine Chapter 
conducts a by-invitational-only seminar at the Raffles Design Institute Manila.
I was so happy to be invited to this exclusive seminar. 
My friend, Meg sent me an invitation which I immediately responded to with a reservation with a plus one.
 I was so excited about this since I'm very much interested with stuff about 
Image, Proper/Power Dressing, Etiquette, Fashion, Excellent Communication Skills, Fashion Styling Networking and a whole lot more that can be added to Image Consultancy. The list of amazing and highly respected Guest and Keynote Speakers gave me goosebumps, in a positive way though =). 

I definitely found myself the best International Organization that fits me perfectly!

Registration Area.

 Seminar Schedules...

 the early birds.. haha

First Speaker:
The frist Filipina consultant in the Philippines...

Ms. Dina Loomis AICI FLC
 This Lady gave me the "d most overwhelming welcoming"; 
She recognized me from our previous telephone conversation prior to the seminar.. =)

2nd Speaker:
Award-winning Fashion Designer and Image Specialist


The beautiful and amazingly vibrant people of A.I.C.I. Philippine Chapter 
introducing themselves and sharing to everyone their field of expertise.

Refreshments courtesy of 
The French Baker!

This drink was so amazing! it was so refreshing.
They served fresh fruits and vegetables as drinks. 
I went gaga over their Malunggay. So delicious!

Keynote Speaker! 


 Dra. Belo looks so stunningly stunned here as she was introduced by 
Ms. Delby as the Keynote Speaker for the event.. 

Dra Belo's energy was really tremendous. 
She's a "Show Stopper!"

She's just so fabulous in this purple mini dress with her sexy wedges.

Not only does she have a very tremendous energy, she actually had a connection with her audience.
 She was very outgoing and active with her speech.

Dra Belo introducing her new line of skin care co-created by
Zein Obagi.

One thing I realized and have proven was that Dra. Belo 
is not only Intelligent and probably the best Beauty Doctor but she is also a very effective and 
amazing Marketing and Sales Person.

She talks about her medical procedures as if they're easy as 1, 2, 3.
 There's not a doubt that you would definitely agree to go under the knife, 
or any other procedure from Belo after you hear her talk.

A.I.C.I. Philippines, headed by its President Ms. Delby awards
the Certificate of Recognition to Dra. Belo for sharing her

This definitely is the group of women everyone should respect and look-up-to. 
Women of Class, Substance and True Beauty! 

A.I.C.I. also acknowledges Raffles Design Institute Manila
for hosting the seminar in their state of the art address in The Fort, Global City.

Thanks to Raffles for the Tumbler and to
Belo Medical for the awesome give-away! =)

My pretty friend, Meg, from the Marketing and Recruitment of Raffles

One of the awesome male  members of AICI.
He's a Doctor by profession and a photographer 
too, to satisfy his passion. =)

Jen, the fabulous Brand Manager of ZARA and 
currently the BM of Massimo Dutti.. 
My new girl pal. hahaha

My plus 1, is of course, who else than V?! haha
Takin a quick DSLR tips! lol