Thursday, May 17, 2012

French & Fashion Friday!

It was French Fashion Friday night at Society Lounge and tonight 
Ashley Cayuca was showcasing her Swimwear Collection for Summer 2012. 

Everything was looking so perfect from the DJ making sure that the music was playing awesome music vibe, to the crowd that was looking flashy and fabulously excited for the show and down to the french menu. 

Tonight I was having a good time with Vergil and my long-time girl pal, Dawn who was in the country for a vacation from Austria. 

Amazing Night!

Verge and my long-time-girl-pal from Austria, Dawn!

sumptuous and very nice refreshments that we had. =)

Society Lounge and its Fabulous Patrons...

The hosts

The spectators of this collection went so crazy as soon as the show started.

Everyone, here's the collection...

with Ashley Cayuca... Congrats!

Another fabulous night at Society Lounge, indeed!

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