Thursday, November 10, 2011

Libera: Christmas Concert @ PICC

It was 2009 when I first heard these very angelic voices, their group is known as Libera. 
A good friend of mine told me about this all-boys-London-based-choir-group and he lent me the album he bought. Seriously, the very moment I heard of their rendition of the songs in the album I was completely mesmerized. From then on, they became one of my comfort songs. My friend told me that they were coming to Manila to perform but unfortunately I never made it to see them live. That was one of the few things I regret most and I promised that I would never miss their concert again if they would come back.

After 2 years, the Libera was back to Manila for another awesome performance of their celestial music. Different from their past concert here in Manila at the Philippine International Convention Center, they performed their rendition of some of the worlds famous Christmas songs and of course some of their very own ones.
They were back once again in celebration of United Kingdom- Philippine Friendship. 
Yes, this time I went to see them perform live and I was able to maximize the whole experience.

 with Mam Ave, Thep and Fel! Excited!

Taking of pictures and videos were strictly prohibited inside the theater so I was only able to take these 2 pictures after the whole set of performances. Well, I didn't think I could be able to take pictures even if it was allowed because I was completely mesmerized every second of their performances. Listening to these young angels made me feel like my body and soul was refreshed. Totally awesome!

People lining up already for the autograph signing... It was really crazy-full in there.

 We went in the line for the autograph signing of the albums, there were so many people lining up to get their Libera memorabilia signed by the boys when one of the organizers informed everyone that they will only be entertaining some hundred people. Immediately I told my friends that I was going back in to just take pictures even from a bit far, just in case we wouldn't make it to the chose hundred.

 These are some of the pictures I took.

 But as soon as I came back to my friends in the line, they told me that we made it to get up close and have our autograph! It was just so crazy. I wanted to scream but I was so happy I was 
able to control my emotions.haha
I was so stunned by these angels, they were so awesome and heavenly when they were performing on stage but they were nothing but simple, natural children off stage. These little angels were just so inspiring and lovely!

My Favorite Angel!

I couldn't stop thinking of how else could I maximize the experience, so I asked Fel to take a video while getting our autograph! haha Exciting!

Philippine International Convention Center is definitely one great place!
So I didn't let the chance of taking some pictures slip away!haha

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