Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blast from d' Past: Guimaras at last!

( blue trunks and gogles from Speedo)

Guimaras at last!

The second place that we visited during our Master Visa-ya Trip 2010 was Guimaras! I shall never forget this place beside the very beautiful scenic views and to die for places, our personal experience there was worth re-telling. lol
well, initially we went around and visited nice places; some of the places we will never forget:

The Trappist Monastery, twas very solemn there. We were welcomed and greeted by the monk there... we said our prayers and personal intentions to God inside the Chapel and came back to the monk for another blessing... and pictures of course! 

We also went to the Museo de Guimaras just for  a bit. Did you notice the cute mini jeep we rented out to go around? the driver was really nice.

Never thought there was Valle Verde in Guimaras, although the Valle Verde that we know here in Manila is swanky, theirs was breathtaking! the view was fantastic and relaxing. We challenged ourselves by going down the 311-step-stairs twas really tiring but super fun! hahaha

then we headed to our destination... Wanna know the funny story? We initially was supposed to stay in a big cottage on top of a big hill beside the beach... extreme and exciting right? haha except there was no aircon and it was literally  made of kawayan! open air! lol at first err body was in.. we placed our things around and all, but it was evident in my face and in Kriya's that we are a bit.. i mean not all excited to try and the simple life! lol So after enjoying the fabulous beach and headed for dinner in a near-by hotel... No one wanted to leave the hotel, so we decided to transfer there! hahaha then in the room we laughed hard out of ourselves because of our epic fail to try living a night in a Kubo! lo

Morning came and we went back to Iloilo to send off Kriya and Rex to leave for Manila for their other commitments there. 


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