Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bieberiffic Wish List

10. Justin Bieber Never Say Never Blu-Ray DVD
( just waiting for May release)

9. Justin Bieber ReTweet and/ or Tweet Back On Me... 
like he always does to his fans! such kind soul.

8. Justin Bieber Album Collection..

7. Justin Bieber Collectibles 

6. Justin Bieber Dolls / Action Figures

5. Justin Bieber Hardbound Book: First Step 2 Forever 
( C/o Chesca Reyes )

4. Justin Bieber JustBeats by Dr. Dre
( Under Negotiation w my bank. Almost there! )

3. Justin Bieber My World Tour Live In Manila  
( √ Granted, thanks to me! )

2.  Justin Bieber Custom-made Baseball Jacket with Bejeweled Letter B 

1. Meet and Greet Justin Bieber. 
Take really good photos and have him signed me on my upper left back and have it tattooed for life with his portrait. lo seriously though. 
                                                                               ( Under Negotiation w Justin de Guzman)

Bieberiffic Wish List
I thought I'd list down all the things I want to have or receive and it so happened all of them are Justin Bieber Items... I want to have them all so badly Im using my Birthday as an excuse. lol

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