Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holy Week: Camaya Coast

getting ready to have the best time! Camaya here we come! FTW!
This was a lot of fun. The walk-through on water was really awesome. lol

The welcome drink was so sweet and honestly we needed it. so Hot! lol
queendomofqueenb X rightontheverge
Fell in love with this cute rattan beach chair w violet cushion.. sweet! oh by the way I <3 SG = I LOVE           SC_U_L_R   G_R__D =)

The Pumpkin Soup was great! Never have I tried it before but it kinda was good. lol
Lunch was served just  a few minutes from the moment we found our place. I must say they served very well and the food was just so perfect. Sumptuous lunch.
I told'ya lunch was good these two got energized very
Today, my best-friend, among anything else in the beach club that I adore, is the beach! I just cant resist the 
and I guess we found @mollykateyu 's bestfriend. haha the place is a great place for kids
I just love all the beach couches around... this one was so comft'ble. lovely!
by the infinity pool...
the falling water effect of the infinity pool was something to adore as well.
some people walk on sunshine..I walk on infinity pool. =)
=) group picture. FTW!
and then there was my very own
chillin a bit more before finally going for a swim! =)
I kinda like this picture.. @janemasiado looks a bit different... and its nice.
my Royal Subjects. my Foreign Relations never ceased even during my royal vaca. I am Queen B...period. lol Sonia and Manu of Austria.
I brought along with me my heart... The Crown Prince of Pop Justin Bieber. choz na choz!
one of my charity

The F&F Portrait....
we've got lovers .. yiii.
The Sand Castle we made... chicka lang!
I love my color... lol
doing the Palm Tree. haha
back to chilling by the Pavilion. Someone took the violet cushion is a bad

w TJ. =)
when eating mirienda was too hard to decide upon. haha
and we still have not decided yet. lol
time to go back to the main land..
Thank you for the wonderful experience Camaya Coast! we'll be back soon.

Last Day at Camaya Coast

This was our last day in Bataan. We left the beach club and headed back to @janemasiado 's place to have dinner and to get our stuff to leave for Manila. We left around 7pm and reached Manila around 11 pm. I fully recommend Camaya Coast for all the best services they give plus it was really a lovely place to stay in. Everything was clean. We may have missed meeting the owner but at least we both had a glimpse of each other. haha

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