Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bieber Fever!

Let us all admit it; we are a fan of something or someone. We may not admit it that often to the world but I know for sure you know you are; may you be feeling proud to show it in all ways possible or just stay in the down-low and be subtle about it. I have been a plain fan for some numerous moments in my life. I remember growing up to songs of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and some Whitney Houston (walang duda at keber ko ang mga biritan moment sa karaoke.) which were always on endless repeat mode playing on our stereo and the culprit? No less than my mom, herself. My dad, his brothers and sisters were huge fans of the great Michael Jackson. Whenever we would visit my paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles it was always MJ Days (may mga bonggang fast facts pa yan habang kinikilabutan kaming nakikinig or nanonood ng concert tapes ni kuya MJ). Then I came to love and was really inspired by him. I remember when he came to Manila for his concert - it was crazy. But seriously the first album I got was Spice Girls’ Spice in cassette a gift from my mom. I love them especially Posh Spice - Victoria Beckham. Then that was the start, till Britney Spears came Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake and of course Beyonce.

Ne-Yo came to Manila and I went to see him perform. I was in the General Admission section (keri lang kasi biglaan lang nmn ang drama ko dun plus bongga nmn ang view). When I heard Beyonce was coming to Manila for the Beyonce Experience I had no second thoughts of going for a better seat – Gold (waley ako ma-say ka B, ibang level ang performance, total entertainment!). The last concert I saw before the recent My World Tour was Adam Lambert’s. One word for Adam – Fierce! So there, I was always a plain fan until…

Justin Bieber came…the Bieber Fever! I’ve got to confess honestly, I wasn’t one of those early adopters of the Bieber Fever. I would hear about him, hear his cute songs playing literally everywhere, in every corner of the universe. I thought he was cute and his songs were too cute for me to really sit down, chill and just listen to it full record. Time passed by and the Bieber Fever was spreading too fast outmaneuvering a virus-like-movement. Then one day I had a new haircut that really resembled to the famous Justin Bieber hair. I swear to God I didn’t copy his hair, it just looked really good on me. Even at work people are starting to call me Justin Bieber. When I was on field work to somewhere in Luzon the Bieber songs were really hard to miss out on radio. All radio stations were playing Justin Bieber, there was even a time three stations were playing JB at the same airing time. And so I got to listen to his Baby song fully…and damn I love it. I just found myself grooving and singing trying to fish for words to use in the lyrics. There, Justin Bieber has officially became part of my field work that is almost 4 days out of my 6-day-week-work-schedule and chances are, catching an average of 3-4 JB songs per day. The driver would always tell me that he remembers me whenever he heard a JB song (see, bongga alam ng driver ko kung JB song ang nagpe-play). Finally! I gave in. I let people call me Justin Bieber and would respond positively. I started listening to his songs loud and proud and even did a lot of research that is all about him. I even had my youtube account resurrected just to follow his old and new accounts.  Liked his facebook page and followed him on twitter. Then it struck me – OMB! (Oh My Bieber) I am becoming obsessed with him.

Justin Bieber had a movie too entitled Never Say Never 3D. As a fan that I am, I went to see the movie on its premiere day in 3D and totally got mesmerized and swept away by the Bieber Man farther.  This time I was falling in love with him (di to echos or keme, in love aketch talga). The movie was really good.  It was really inspiring and encouraging. It showed how Justin Bieber started from a small town in Canada to fighting for his dreams and to now living the dream. The movie got me teary eyes and really emotional in many ways than one. It showed the world how real Justin Bieber is, since most people who are yet to be bielibers think JB is just some staged, made up kid who can sing cute songs and just a kid with a great hair – they are all wrong! He is much more than cute and just. He’s talents are really amazing.  I admire how Patty (his mother) raised him – God fearing, Real, Courageous and Loving person.  I seriously saw this movie 5 times, literally everyday and in 3D every time. My being a fan and in love with JB escalated to another height. I was starting to collect stuff that is all Justin Bieber. I was literally collecting all Justin Bieber merchandises, from his books, record albums, accessories, mask (ibang level di ba?), documentary DVDs, web pictures and Im almost ready to buy the Justtin Bieber JustBeats by Dr. Dre. I know I am a hardcore, die hard Bieliber. Two weeks before the concert I joined the wave89.1 sing like Justin Bieber contest for a chance to win a Meet and Greet passes. Long story, short – I made it to the grand finals but lost to a 12-year-old girl. During the elimination I got to pick the song to sing along – “One Time” but lost to the song “Baby” in the final round. Call me anything you want but I am happy with all these JB craziness. I can tell you anything and everything about Justin Bieber nonstop but for sure you can too. So lets talk about…

Justin Bieber My World Tour Live in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Seriously I’ve never felt so excited in my entire life like I did for this concert. I planned very meticulously on what I should wear to the concert, the brand that I’d wear (kalowka, this will be part of my life story so I want it told with great brand). I initially bought the VIP ticket and yes, it was a bit pricey but who cares, its Justin Bieber so it was and will always be more than perfect. Those months before the May concert were truly unexplainable, good thing I had a lot of different happenings prior to the concert so my excitement, though it was really hard, was somehow diverted hardly and forcefully. Days before the probably one of the top, most (exaggerated!) important days of my life came, I had to take a leave from work to finally have my clothes ready for the concert. The shirt was purple (Justin Bieber’s favorite color) from Zara and the LED Lights attached to it were really cute. I settled for a big heart, sound responsive LED light design and one with moving text over vintage white pants from Guess; Zara sneakers, purple Longchamp bag and a white Beneton watch and yes! I was wearing Bieber dog tag chain necklace.

Finally, May 10 came. I really didn’t know exactly how I was feeling. Half of me was really excited and half of me was sad because after that day, no more Justin Bieber event to look forward to. I focused on the excitement half of myself and made sure I would  have the greatest time of my life together with probably 30,000 others. Earlier that day I got a text from one good friend asking for some last minute premium tickets. Luckily I got some friends (more of connections) to help us out. Next thing I knew I was on phone talking to one of the producers and damn I love friends. It was just around 2 pm that time but I saw sea of bielibers already formed surrounding the venue. Ticket holders, especially those aiming to get a good spot in the General Admission were in a very long line already. I was supposed to ask for a meet and greet pass, but before I could even open my mouth she picked up a call…sounded to me she was talking to another VIP. A little more while I was hearing her apologizing, apparently the VIP was asking to be included in the M&G list but she couldn’t. She explained that Bieber’s security is really tight and is serious in carrying out protocols. There, need I ask about it? I didn’t think so. In my bag was a huge amount of money, payment for the tickets. I paid her the amount but unfortunately she didn’t have enough for my change. I told her I could just meet her somewhere later that night (since she’s part of production team, I was thinking she would ask me to meet her back stage or something. Wishful thinking*) but she didn’t think it was possible since she would be very busy. She then, suggested that I would meet her the next day in the hotel (shoot! It sounded much better to me. Was it where JB was staying? I didn’t know.), I immediately agreed, said thanks for the help and then went back to the car and went back home. I seriously had the biggest and the brightest smile in a very long time. At home, I took a power nap to gain more energy. I was all set to go and get fetched by friends by 7pm. On the way to MOA (mall of asia) I tweeted MMDA for the best way to the concert, it replied all roads are jammed already (seriously, I knew that already, I just did just so the world would know I was coming already lol). I tweeted: “All roads lead to Justin Bieber”. Just as I was expecting it, traffic was too bad, so bad it took us some time to get to the dropping point for the entrance (take note, this was already in moa). Then we reached the entrance, by the look of it, I could have thought it was a national holiday and that the country was celebrating for a monumental occasion. Fans, lookers, passers by, etc. whatever you call them point is they came to a hope they would get a glimpse of the Justin. I must confess, taking that way to the main entrance was overwhelming. Thousands of screaming fans made me feel like I was a celebrity (if sitting next to numerous big names in the industry wont make you feel one already, then entrance was your moment). I let my friends took their seats and I went to the Premium section where I found my friends like Divine Lee, Anne Curtis and Erwann, the Younghusbands and a lot more (prolly D is the only real one, others are yet to accept my invite in fb lol). We arrived 15 minutes before JB started the show. I panicked when the final countdown hit its last 4 seconds. I didn’t know whether to bring out my cam first or my phone (by the way smart blocked all other networks that was why my phone acted up on me; couldn’t tweet happenings and events as they unfolded to bielibers who didn’t make it). When JB finally showed up…I died! I could barely open my lips to scream. I was literally star struck. The show was amazing and a dream come true to people like me. It was really intense and awesome except I had a feeling Justin wasn’t feeling very well (which later was confirmed that he was very ill, throwing up backstage during song breaks) because I noticed he’s moves and the smile and he’s eyes, but he was still looking stylish and looked incredibly handsome and hot. 

Acoustic part came, where JB played his guitar and sang some songs in acoustic version. This is the best moment for me. While he was playing “Favorite Girl” on guitar I noticed he was looking my way, then the people around me looked at me and then realized JB was looking at me. Yes! He was looking at me, (ilan looking at me pa ba kailangan)  trying to read the moving LED light text on my shirt. After he finished reading he smiled and nodded at me. Oh My Bieber! I know! (I am already. Ako na! hahaha) As what they say all things must come to an end, and this concert was not an exception to that adage. He finished the show by his super epic song, “Baby”. JB bid all his Filipino fans goodnight (syempre may konting drama effect) and left the stage but fans were still screaming for more (biglang binababa na yung mga lights, minu-move na mga equipment, so ayun confirm uwian na nga lol) People started moving out, leaving the venue but you would notice that they looked as if they are just being dragged out (mukhang lahat may separation anxiety, mas lalong napamahal kay bieber at ayaw ng magsipagalisan). We waited till the crazy fans would decrease in number outside but it has been on hour since but it didn’t seem like no one wanted to leave (uso din ang separation anxiety sa mga utash outside, bongga) so we decided to brave out the bielibers crowd.Oh! by the way, I decided not to meet the producer in our rendezvous since I thought Justin Bieber was sick, the last thing he needed was someone like me screaming around, wanting to take millions of pictures with him (see, i really assumed the hotel was where JB was I thought he gave me the best show of my life, so I'd give him his time to rest. 

I shall never forget this whole Justin Bieber experience. It has been crazy, wild, expensive but super fun and really worth it. Honestly, I have never felt so much of a fan before and never have I felt so close to a huge international celebrity like I am feeling with him. The best thing about Justin Bieber is his ways of reaching out to the fans (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.) making us all feel very special and important to him and sure does he really make us all feel that way. Some of the best ways he does to give back to his die-hard fans are giving some tickets to the show to those who couldn’t make it in and of course the very epic “One Less Lonely Girl” tradition of choosing one very lucky girl who would be brought up on stage and be serenaded by Justin with his “One Less Lonely Girl” song. Truly the Bieber Fever has made my life even better in so many ways. I will forever treasure all of these, my whole life and I will make sure I will stay inspired by him forever. NEVER SAY NEVER.

My World Tour Live in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Manila Philippines

The Photos:

Here are some of the pictures I took. Honestly, I really didn't know if I should take photos or videos, stop - savor the moment or just scream my lungs out to make sure JB hears me. lol

some time during this part was when he looked at me. Surreal!

 The Videos:
Most are taken by my shivering hands. I am not a professional videographer plus these are all taken through my digital camera. hahaha enjoy!

The Haggard Me! lol

Haggard looking after the very hot concert! (Purple Shirt from Zara(LED Lights: big heart design and small moving text on red); White Vintage Pants from Guess; Stripes Sneakers from Zara; Purple Bag from Longchamp; White Watch from Benetton and Justin Bieber Dog Tag Necklace)


I will always be grateful for this experience. I hope this will not be the last time he comes to Manila to perform and I hope I can wait till that next time because if not, I will surely fly overseas just to catch him perform once again. Such a great inspiration. 

xo - L


  1. I didn't know you were seated near our friends. lol. kaw na!!! kaw na ang tinignan ni JB. see? I'm like your greatest friend, I read all of it!

  2. hahahaha... i thought i told you already. =)

    oo, ako na, kinakamusta ka nila. choz!

    yup he looked at me, Fierce ko na? haha