Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The look in the faces of the Pinoys when we scored! yey! hahaha

Dr. Dean's Kids who love Football so much! haha

Well, Hello there seatmates and co-enthusiasts..

parang kukunin na ako ni Lord... hahaha

extra special hot night made possible by Jake Ejercito! Thanks for the osam shirt!

It was a bit raining so we had with us our white raincoats..

moments before Phil took off his shirt and threw it to the fans! WTF!

OMG! look at Niel, so effing Hot! haha

seriously, though Azkals didnt win..they were still the hottest thing! haha notice Niel? shoot!

OMFG! I told you!!!

with Thep and Dr. Dean wearing our shirt from Jake!


I'm just so happy that finally the football mania has gone to the Philippine shores and has hit the hearts of more Pinoys. We decided to see the game of Azkals vs. Kuwait. Seriously I was so excited for the game not mainly because of the Azkals but for the game itself. Azkals scored in first but Kuwait made sure to score and win the game... By the way, notice the shirt we are wearing? its actually a jersey we got from a friend and parking-lot-mate Jake Ejercito who was so cool to have chicka and picture taking before the game. I must say Jake was super good looking.

I shall never forget this game, the spirit was just too surreal. It was like everyone was too excited to be in there and to witness another milestone in our history. Azkals may have not defeated the Kuwait team but surely they bring honor and glory to our country. I must also say that the time when the Azkals went to go around the field to get at least a bit more closer to the fans while thanking everyone for the support, was just so hot! Niel was shirtless and all the rest were just drenched and soaked with their own sweat! Ally was super hot as well; didn't expect he was that huge of a man. hahaha 

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