Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini Vacation

Friday night Thep, Dr. Huan and I went for a mini weekend vacation to Lucban Quezon and got to catch-up with some friends and colleagues staying in Batis Aramin for the annual leadership training seminar. We stayed in the same resort and since some didn’t make it, we took their reserved and not to mention all-expense-paid accommodation. Unlike the usual, we headed to Lucban via non-private-less-space-minimum-prestige-big-fat-public-vehicle, meaning we rode a bus but don’t get me wrong it was quite a comfortable one since I fell a brief sleep. After some 3 hours or so, we reached the grand terminal in Quezon. It was almost 12 in the midnight, and yes there were no more public utility vehicles circulating the routes anywhere. Bottom line, after a couple of challenging and mind blowing experiences getting to the resort, we made it. Our roommates were Mrs. Mijares and Ms. Ensano,  and yes the room was filled with 5 fine ladies.  

Saturday Morning. The three of us woke up early to catch the healing mass  of Fr. Joey Faller at Kamay ni Hesus. Dr. Huan has heart ailment so he needed this and of course Thep and I support him especially in prayers.

Villas in Batis Aramin

its just so beautiful here..

 Kamay ni Hesus is just located at the other side of the street from where Batis Aramin is found, so we walked our way there. When we arrived, there were already many devoters, pilgrims, faithfuls and many more. The Church was full already, people are seated on mono-blocks outside of the church. Luckily seats were provided for us in front row, left side of the church, near the fierce granny who played the piano together with two major gospel singers. People were staring at us, maybe wondering who were we. Little did we notice that behind us was a former PBA basketball star seated with his wife as well. So I automatically accepted the thought that VIPs usually sit in that area of the church. =) 

Thep, Moi and Dr. Huan (attentive si Dr. Huan sa orientation)
Before the mass started there was an orientation for everybody. I thought it was a good thing to avoid chaos, and to maintain peace, order and above all the solemnity of the place. They have color coding, say like, Orange for heart related problems and many other colors for many different problems one prays to be healed from. And because of their very organize system, Id like to believe that they are ISO certified. haha

I found out that Fr. Joey Faller indeed was a good joker in his own rights. After the Holy Mass, the healing process commenced. and everyone was asked to kneel as Fr. Joey went around.

Seriously, staff that I witnessed there were just things I used to see in movies. People are supposed to be falling in line in the middle as their color is called (an old lady raises a flag with a certain color, so people would know if it was their turn to fall in line) then when they reached the front, they will form a line side by side then Fr. Joey approaches them hold their hands and say some prayers (devotees must let go of any doubts and must let go of anything within them...surrender to God everything) .. and usually due to the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit these people end up losing balance and falling on to the ground (there are volunteers ready to catch behind the devotee just in case) then they go back to their seats and say their final prayers. It was really surreal there. Goosebumps.

After the mass...

We went to check around, so much has changed and additional attractions were made around since the last time I went to visit. We lit candles as well.

Hot lang ni Adan! hahah

they also have this Noah's Arc inspired accommodation.

Then we went to the Bayan to eat for lunch at Buddy's.. 

We also visited a nearby church...

... and strolled around the whole bayan.

We went back to the resort around 4pm and had a nice mirienda with Atty. Monteza and her PNP boyfriend Sir. Thirdy.. We had talks about crazy staff happening inside Camp Crame, thier gay superiors and all.. haha

Thep, Sir. Thirdy, Moi, Atty. Monteza and Dr. Huan

awesome chikahan over mirienda
because we had the best chikahan that mirienda, we decided to have dinner that night outside the resort. While waiting for dinner time Thep and I decided to go swimming while Dr. Huan stayed in the villa and watched Aljur Abrenica on cable tv. haha

We then had our dinner at Palaisdaan, where we ate lots of food again. As in I gave up and couldn't take in 

chaka ng hair ko!

Kunwari nanalo kami ng award sa mga pag emote namin sa Palaisdaan, hahah 

Atty. Monteza and her BF just sent us back to the resort before they left for Manila. We then went back to our villa to take some midnight snack and prepare for bed. But i left the villa to walk outside since it was our last night. 

On our last day, we woke up around 10 am. We went to Dr, Andoy's room and had a quick breakfast there.. then we went again to Kamay ni Hesus because Dr. A wanted to go up the station of the cross hill. =) Then we had our lunch there and headed back to the resort for boarding time. I joined the van of the VIP's going back to Manila (Dr. Huan, Dr. Andoy, Dr. Dean, Mrs. Dizon, Mrs. Gornez, Mrs. Mijares, Thep and Mr. Millare) We had so much fun in the van, talking about their past boyfriends and their kapilyahan when they were still younger. Stopped over at Rose and Grace for dinner then headed back to Manila with non stop laughter. hahah So much fun mini vacation!

Dr. Andoy made it to the top!

chandelier addiction. lol

August 12-14, 2011

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