Friday, September 30, 2011

Great Legacy!

These are some of the people who took part in saving mother earth. It was just so fun and inspiring to see all of them show such noble effort.

Representing Japan, Mims looks very serious saving Mother Earth!
Mam Dizon, in the middle of rain and dirt, was still looking fresh and glowing.
As the only Heredera of the Hacienda it was a must to lead them starting by giving an inspirational message to all my 'tauhan'..LOL chos!

Alumni Council Reprezent!

last minute reminders before finally digging to start planting the plants! hahaha

Representing the Alumni Council, Molly, Moi, Joey and T.J

Student Council President, Marielle enjoys digging the soil as she shows support for this timely project.


One thing is for sure with TJ, his dedication and love for his Alma Mater. He is always present in all meetings of the Alumni Council not to mention all its endeavors, so far. Awesome dedication right there!

Despite his busy schedule, Joey made it to join us. He was straight from a graveyard shift but he was still all-out-support with this project. Great Guy!

Enzo Escobar was also dedicated planting that day... I'm sure the Escobarians are so proud of him! lo


I decided to wear my rubber boots to this activity. I just thought it would be appreciate since it was a bit raining... and yes! everyone was crazy about these boots that they promised they'd buy as well for the next tree planting activities to come.. hahaha

I have always wanted to be a part of a project that has something to do with saving Mother Earth or something that promotes awareness for the environment. I'm dead-serious about really getting everybody to do something, to contribute to save the earth. And surely this project - Tree Planting was an awesome way to kick-off.  Surely, you can tell that I was excited to be part of this, since I came in prepared to get dirty and plant a tree!

We all promised to be an earth-warriors in our own special ways. We hope that more people will come to realize that it is imperative to take care of the world we live in before it's going to be too late to take action.

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